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 The Creator Hub  

The Create NYC Creator Hub is a network of creative talent we leverage to execute our clients’ work.


Our creators include full-time freelancers, moonlighters, and independent businesses across every creative function. This allows us to assemble a creative team tailored to each project, campaign, or brand.

Why join?

Become a Create NYC creator for endless amounts of flexibility. Creators are contracted on a project basis through our unique bidding and selection system. Take on as much or as little work as you choose, work at home during the hours that best fit your schedule, focus on completing the task at hand without being trapped in the endless and inefficient routing process, and earn the extra income you deserve! We promise—it isn’t too good to be true.

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We Create

At Create NYC, success starts with our staff. Each of us is passionate about healthcare advertising, done efficiently. We saw the industry rapidly changing and we knew we could disrupt the status quo. We brought a new meaning to the word efficiency in the execution of tactics. With a “get it done” mentality, efficient execution of quality tactics is our one and only endgame.


We believe that employees should decide the most effective way to manage their day by choosing where they work to maximize their time and effort. We believe in grabbing opportunity and that collaboration is the key to team happiness.


Meet the Create NYC Leadership Team

Managed by an all-female Leadership Team, we don’t just talk the talk of doing things differently, we live it every day from the top down.

Natalie McDonald


Lauren Wetmore


Sue Cohen


Katie Vecchiano Sutherland


Maria Perez


Christen Jones


Life at Create NYC

At Create NYC, we have a common set of core values—values that are fundamental to who we are as people. These values—when taken as a whole—describe the essence of our culture. Because of our unique telecommuting policy, the office is a place to meet or work, but not somewhere to be because someone said so. Therefore, our values and agency culture empower our talented teams to execute tactics wherever they need to be.

Passionate: intense and daily desire to succeed in our dynamic advertising industry. An enthusiastic attitude that drives individual and collective staff contributions to Create NYC. 

Efficient: never-ending pursuit of the most competent methods to maximize productivity while reducing wasted effort and resources. Efficiency does NOT compromise quality.

Accountable: gives the freedom and flexibility to drive success while accepting full responsibility for outcomes including actions and results.

Relentless: persistent determination to drive our own success. It is captured with a “never settle" attitude and stoic determination. 

Values Reputation: ambitiously work to build on our company reputation with a deep understanding that this is directly related to our future success.

Enterprising: seeing opportunity and being ready to energetically to seize them when they fall within our core focus. This is the spark that ignites Create NYC.

You can get lost in the shuffle, or you can CREATE.

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Our agency thrives on connecting with talented individuals. We are always looking for new people who may be the right fit. Check out our job openings.

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